Wait. You can improve candida while eating dessert?


It sounds backwards, doesn’t it. Anyone with candida can tell you that sugar and starches feed candida. So how can you enjoy homemade chocolate chip cookies, multi-layered bars, luscious cheesecake, and delicious frappuccinos and still get rid of candida? Just open The Sweeter Side of Candida and chose from over 70 desserts that are totally and completely safe for anyone with candida.

  • Did you want to cry when you heard you couldn’t have sugar on a candida diet?
  • Do you wish you could enjoy desserts without the fear of encouraging candida growth
  • Do you want to stay sugar-free and lose weight without giving up your favorite desserts?

If this describes you, then get your own copy of The Sweeter Side of Candida. This cookbook is filled with over 70 delicious desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth for someone with or without candida.

The Sweeter Side of Candida includes:


  • Over 70 delicious desserts you can use while on a candida-diet
  • 140 + pages of content
  • Our story
  • Q&A's about sweeteners
  • Baking tips
  • Shopping list
  • Hyperlinked recipe index for easy navigation

Choose from softcover book or digital eBook with instant access!

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Evelyn R.

This is a cookbook that is well overdue. So many people suffer with candida and yet there isn’t a single cookbook out there to help them weather all the traditional holiday baking. That is until now! 

The Sweeter Side of Candida cookbook is sure to please your waistline and taste buds, but none of these recipes will please the candida!

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Owner, Simple Life, Abundant Life

The Sweeter Side of Candida is a valuable resource for everyone (not just people with candida).
Not only does it include a huge variety of delicious desserts that are all completely sugar free, but it contains humor, biblical insight, and an amazing resource page. 

I have a great amount of respect for these ladies and the hard work they put into this. It’s going to be a blessing to many people, including my own family.


Take a peek at what's inside:


  • 10 cookie recipes
  • 4 bar recipes
  • 6 cake recipes
  • 5 bread recipes
  • 10 frosting recipes
  • 8 pie + 2 crust recipes
  • 8 dessert recipes
  • 11 candy recipes
  • 7 snack recipes
  • 7 beverage recipes
  • 2 DIY recipes

1. Download the eCookbook

2. Make delicious recipes

3. Create a happy world
inside your tummy

woman in teal shirt and red scarf
Owner, Purposeful Nutrition


The Sweeter Side of Candida is a recipe book I can highly recommend. Paula and Sarah both have personal experience with candida and share their stories at the beginning of the book, personalizing it. 

They give some very helpful information on the two sweeteners used stevia and xylitol, which was very sound and consistent with the healthy principles I am comfortable with. And they have lots of great looking recipes with photos – lots of great photos. By the time you finish the e-book you want to start baking. 

This is a great book for anyone needing to reduce sugar even if you don’t think you have candida. And for those struggling with candida, this is a lifeline that will help you hang on and defeat it.

cartoon drawing of woman with headband
Owner, The Simple Homemaker


Paula and Sarah hit the sweet tooth on the head with their Sweeter Side of Candida dessert cookbook. Not only is it filled with a wide variety of tempting treats, but it’s a veritable smorgasbord of candida information. 

The girls offer hope and encouragement alongside a heaping helping of Whatever Your Fancy Truffles. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into Chocolate Loca Moca Cake or treat my family to Chocolate Coma Fudge, all the while knowing I’m nurturing a healthy balance. 

The girls explain the use of alternative sweeteners clearly, easing the transition from traditional sweeteners. I like that the majority of the recipe ingredients are already in my pantry. In fact, there is only one ingredient I’ll have to add to my supply. Readers new to this style of eating may have to add a few extras, but nothing too crazy or difficult to hunt down. 

I’m looking forward to putting candida in its place while eating my way through this delightful cookbook.

sunset over the ocean
Owner, Simple Foody


I was on a candida diet 5 years ago, oh, how I wish The Sweeter Side of Candida existed then. I missed the occasional treat, but you don’t have too! Paula and Sarah have done a wonderful job at combining recipes and research to create one fabulous cookbook. Not only will you find over 70 delicious recipes, but you’ll also learn more about candida, baking tips, shopping lists and much more. 

Bake something to satisfy your sweet tooth while kicking candida to the curb.

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Kristen Smith
Trained Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist
Owner, A Better Way to Thrive

The Sweeter Side of Candida is packed with an awesome assortment of recipes, and I already have a list going of some I want to try soon! Candida is something we have to be conscious of in our home, and it is so nice to have a place to turn when the sweet tooth strikes now and then. 

Paula and Sarah share a real heart to encourage health, and that shines through their book! It is definitely worth having for anyone who is dealing with candida, needs to eat sugar-free, or just wants to have more options when it comes to desserts.

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  • 70+ recipes
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Owner, Nourishing Faith and Family


Candida sufferers are in for a treat! The Sweeter Side of Candida cookbook is full of biblical wisdom, quick wit, and a ton of recipes for sweet treats the whole family can enjoy…Perfect for special occasions and holidays!

single pink rose
Owner, Virginia George


The Sweeter Side of Candida is a book dedicated to desserts that a wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free family can tolerate. This would include diabetics and people following a paleo or primal diet. It is well-researched and will become a staple cookbook for any sugar-free family.

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Owner, Gwen's Nest


After losing 50 pounds with the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, I was befuddled over how to handle the upcoming holidays. In years past, the whole family has been involved in making tons of candy and cookies to share with friend and family as gifts. It was a VERY big part of the holiday season for us, and one that I thought I’d have to lose on a sugar-free lifestyle. The few attempts I'd made at baking with low carb flours and sugar alcohols were not impressive. After years in the kitchen, I felt like I was all thumbs with these new ingredients that didn't behave like the ones I was used to.

Imagine my utter delight at discovering the amazing collection of sugar free and low carb holiday recipes in the Sweeter Side of Candida cookbook…caramel, toffee, truffles, cakes and cookies really CAN be a part of a sugar-free celebration! Now, I can even feel great about sharing treats with diabetic family members.

The cookbook is gorgeous; the recipes are innovative and delicious, and all but 2 of the recipes fit with my Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. In fact, I provide an index that types every one of the 70+ recipes for THM on my book review for the Sweeter Side of Candida.

I'm forever grateful to Sarah and Paula for putting together this amazing and comprehensive special occasion cookbook for those of us who want our sweets AND continued good health.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Sweeter Side of Candida includes a variety of recipes from cookies, bars, and cakes, to pies, candy, and beverages everyone will love. 

This book comes in both printed and digital form, you choose which works best for your needs. 

This cookbook uses almond and coconut flour.

In this cookbook we use stevia and xylitol, and you'll find they create the perfect combination!

Yes. The ebook is available in PDF format, so you can read it on your computer, iPad/tablet, or smartphone.

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