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So, you're supposed to be on a candida-diet, right?

Coming up with ideas for meals is hard enough, but finding delicious, healthy recipes that won’t contribute to your candida overgrowth, is another kettle of fish.

  • Have you ever wished you could just open up a cookbook and find safe-to-eat recipes?

  • Do you need recipes for every meal of the day - including a dessert or two?

  • Do you want real-life examples of how to convert recipes to fit a candida diet?

If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding “Yes!”, then get your own copy of Healing Candida With Food

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Healing Candida with Food includes:


  • Over 130 delicious recipes you can use while on a candida-diet
  • 140 + pages of content
  • Our story
  • Q&A's about candida
  • Foods to avoid list
  • Hyperlinked, alphabetized recipe index for easy navigation
  • Ingredient resources

Get instant access to this digital eBook now!

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Tiffany Crumbs
Owner, Don't Waste the Crumbs

Candida issues are vastly confusing and frustrating, but Paula has truly created an incredibly comprehensive guide addressing the topic. Her book provides help and encouragement for those dealing with the vast assortment of symptoms and issues related to their imbalance of yeast.

With grace and charm, she walks the reader through the basics of candida and offers delicious homemade recipes to cover every aspect of nutrition at home. This book is a must-have for anyone dealing with candida, no matter the scale or magnitude.

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Kristen Smith
Trained Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist
Owner, A Better Way to Thrive

It's almost scary to think that most of us have an overgrowth of candida in our bodies considering all of the negative effects it can have on us. I'm continuing to learn how important it is to keep candida in check, but it can be overwhelming considering all of the diet recommendations out there. 

Paula's Healing Candida With Food takes much of the mystery out of a candida diet by offering a great summary of expert information, plus many easy-to-create recipes made without a lot of strange ingredients. 

It would make a great addition to anyone's natural health library!

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Take a peek at what's inside:


  • 15 breakfast recipes
  • 13 lunch recipes
  • 13 soup and salad recipes
  • 5 bread recipes
  • 23 dinner recipes
  • 11 vegetable side dish recipes
  • 12 dessert recipes
  • 4 beverage recipes
  • 4 snack recipes + ideas
  • 11 condiment and dip recipes
  • 8 dressing and sauce recipes
  • 9 spice mix recipes
  • 11 DIY recipes
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1. Download the eCookbook

2. Make delicious recipes

3. Create a happy world
inside your tummy

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Katie Mae S.
Owner, Nourishing Simplicity

Where was this book 3 years ago when I was treating one of my girls for candida? Paula explains the ins and outs of eating to heal your body through food. The diet is broken down and easy to follow.

Healing Candida with Food is full of mouth-watering recipes that catch your eye and making you hungry from start to finish.

Even people who don't suffer from candida will learn from and enjoy this book. You and your family will love these simple and healthy dishes that will heal your body!

clear glass tea cup with herbs

As a person who has been deeply entrenched in Real Food and a holistic lifestyle for more than a decade, I was surprised by how much I learned in this excellent eBook.

If you suspect you are suffering from candida overgrowth, this is your best resource. Not only does Paula give a concise explanation of what candida is and how to know if you have a problem, but she also gives you a simple yet thorough game plan for how to heal. After all, what good is a diagnosis without knowing how to heal?

This eBook is overflowing with delicious meals so you can heal without feeling at all deprived.

husband and wife standing in sunshine
Shannon M.

Paula's blog has become my go-to resource for information on candida. I love that this book presents that information in both a personal and practical manner. 

Paula has been there. She knows what you are going through - AND what to do about it! With over 130 recipes to guide you on your path to health, Healing Candida With Food is invaluable.

woman in white shirt standing on beach
Anjanette Barr
Owner, Anjanette Barr

Paula's blog has become my go-to resource for information on candida. I love that this book presents that information in both a personal and practical manner. 

Paula has been there. She knows what you are going through - AND what to do about it! With over 130 recipes to guide you on your path to health, Healing Candida With Food is invaluable.

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  • candida-diet friendly
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The Kicking Candida Program

Are you looking for a way to keep candida from recurring? Do you want a plan of action, a strategy, and a personal coach to walk you through each step? I get it. I've been there - and I've created an integrative program to help you stop recurring candida.

Kicking Candida is unlike any other candida program out there. . .

woman with red hair
Owner, Cheapskate Cook

What a treasure trove of recipes! Even if you simply want to eat healthier you'll find a great collection of healthy go-to ideas for a variety of tastes and preferences.

single pink rose
Owner, Virginia George

The recipes are great, and don't just apply to people with yeast overgrowth. There are a lot of people who avoid sugars and grains in their diet. Just because it's targeted to candida sufferers doesn't mean others can't benefit from Paula's hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions


Healing Candida with Food includes a variety of recipes from baked goods like breads, muffins, and cakes, to savory dinner recipes that can feed the whole family, along with several fun beverages, snacks, and DIY recipes.

No, this is not a traditional bound book. This cookbook is digital which means as soon as you purchase it, you can download it by clicking the link we send you.

Once you've downloaded it, you can print it out and put it in a binder if you wish to have something to hold. I use page protectors and a binder that lays nice and flat on my counter. 

This cookbook uses: buckwheat flour, millet flour, tapioca flour, arrowroot powder, sourdough starter (may contain wheat), and coconut flour.

In this cookbook we use raw honey, xylitol, stevia, raw sugar, rapadura, maple syrup - most people dealing with candida will want to stick with stevia and xylitol, but because of food allergies and bio-individuality, we offer recipes that contain other sweeteners which we suggest to be used very sparingly for desserts eaten on rare occasions.

There is a wide variety of recipes in Healing Candida with Food. If someone did not want to include a starchy food, they could easily omit that recipe. Because the severity of candida is different for everyone, we did include some starches (soaked and properly prepared) that some individuals may be able to handle.

As always, we suggest listening to your body and erring on the side of caution.

Yes. The ebook is available in PDF format, so you can read it on your computer, iPad/tablet, or smartphone.

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