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Have you ever wondered how to easily add candida-fighting herbs to your day?


Now it’s as easy as walking into your kitchen and making delicious soups, hot or cold teas, and delicious meals the whole family can enjoy.

  • Use the herb considered #1 in countering yeast in a simple dressing.

  • Add the herb that fights candida and strengthens your immune system to green beans.

  • Create a delicious (candida-friendly) dessert with one of the most ancient spices used in Chinese prescriptions.

  • Drop a few leaves of this herb into your tea and sooth one of candida's partners-in-crime.

Fight candida with some of the most powerful herbs and essential oils into your kitchen.

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Evelyn R.


Today as medical consumers it's important that we do our own research and take responsibility for our own health. Most doctors aren't trained to treat the underlying causes, but symptoms only, using pharmaceuticals that cause the body additional unintended harm. 

Paula's newest book, Candida-Fighting Herbs & Essential Oils is a great addition to her candida-fighting arsenal. She's very knowledgeable on candida, candida-fighting treatments, and how to NOT cause yourself additional extreme discomfort with a sudden & sever candida die-off (called a Herxheimer reaction). 

She gives a great explanation as to what candida is and explains her family's journey in fighting this particularly pernicious pest. She lists nine herbs, eight of which can also be found as an essential oil and provides links to her research. She doesn't leave you with just the information, but also provides links to great recipes using them as well! 

I'm someone who's passionate about teaching others the importance of taking control of their own health and living a toxic free lifestyle. Paula has provided you with well-researched information in Candida-Fighting Herbs & Essential Oils.

Candida-Fighting Herbs & Essential Oils includes:


  • 20 + pages of content
  • 18 delicious recipes 
  • Tips and ideas for using herbs and essential oils in your cooking
  • Our story
  • List of symptoms

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Kristy L.

The information is helpful in fighting candida in a practical way without expensive ingredients. Thank you for helping me fight this disease that has taken over my health!

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Sarah S.


After finding out I had SIBO and Candida I found this book and was able to find things that helped me fight both issues. The essential oils were able to help me both as anti-fungals and in everyday life. I look forward to using the things I've learned on the rest of my family.

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Anne M.

Wow, love this book, it's amazing. Very good information - things I didn't know herbs and oils could do. Great ideas to know how to use them in the kitchen.

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The Kicking Candida Program

Are you looking for a way to keep candida from recurring? Do you want a plan of action, a strategy, and a personal coach to walk you through each step? I get it. I've been there - and I've created an integrative program to help you stop recurring candida.

Kicking Candida is unlike any other candida program out there. . .