The Easiest Yogurt on Planet Earth

Mar 19, 2021


The Easiest Yogurt on Planet Earth

My first attempt at making yogurt was with an electric yogurt maker.

It was electric, but I still had to heat the milk, pour it in small, individual yogurt jars, wait for it to cook, make sure I would be home in time to turn it off and refrigerate it, and then wash out each little jar only to do it again the next day because we ate the yogurt so fast. Ugh.

Did. Not. Like. It.  There’s something to be said for eating healthy without driving yourself insane.

Then I discovered viili yogurt (in their Heirloom variety pack).

Viili yogurt

Let me tell you, viili yogurt has got to be the easiest yogurt in the world to make. You add milk to a bit of yogurt starter, let it sit on your counter at room temperature, and before you can say Bob’s-your-uncle, you’ve got yogurt.

I can live with that.

Viili yogurt lives ‘forever’

Not only is viili yogurt easy to make, it also lives ‘forever’ with proper care. Most yogurt starters only live for a few generations. That means eventually you’d have to buy another starter. With viili yogurt, you use a small amount of yogurt to inoculate new batches over and over again.

Ohh, that made me sound smart, didn’t it.


I should use that word more often. “Travis, dear, we’re having inoculated yogurt at dinner tonight . . .”

Okay, maybe not.

What kind of milk should I use?

Currently, I use pasteurized, store-bought whole milk (without RsBT or growth hormones) whenever I make yogurt. This milk doesn’t need to be heated and the yogurt adds beneficial bacteria to pasteurized milk – therefore making store-bought milk better in the end.

However, I have been learning about making yogurt with raw milk, so don’t be surprised if I change my mind down the road. 

Can I use an alternative milk to make viili?

Viili starter can be used with coconut milk but it isn’t likely to last for more than a few generations. It’s recommended to keep a backup dairy-based culture on hand if you want to experiment with other kinds of milk. You can make it with goat milk, however, it will not be as thick as yogurt made with whole cow milk.

Does viili yogurt contain sugar?

Although I wouldn’t really count this as a sugar-containing recipe, technically, I should tell you that there is a small amount of sugar from the natural lactose in milk. Lactose is consumed by the yogurt bacteria to produce lactic acid (this is what gives yogurt its tanginess and natural preservative). With that said though, there isn’t much lactose left in the finished yogurt.

What you’ll need:

Homemade Viili Yogurt (gluten-free, candida-diet)

1 c. milk

viili yogurt starter

To make your own viili yogurt:


1. If you’re starting with a new viili starter, detailed directions should be included with your starter. (The new starter is freeze dried.) However, the concept is the same. With a freeze-dried starter, you’ll want to add about 1/8th teaspoon to 1 cup of milk. With established yogurt, you’ll want to use about 1 Tablespoon of yogurt per cup of milk.

2. After you’ve added the milk, simply stir well and cover loosely with a paper towel so air can still get to it, but the flies can’t.

Let it sit:

3. Let it sit at room temp (70-75 degrees) for about 24 hrs or until it becomes thick enough that you can gently tip the jar and see that it isn’t runny. You should be able to see a few bubbles through the glass on the side of the jar and the yogurt should be the consistency of a loose jelly.

4. Once it’s done, I like to refrigerate it before I eat it. Cold yogurt tastes better to me and it seems to thicken just a tad more after being refrigerated.

Add some toppings

I LOVE yogurt and homemade granola sprinkled with a bit of stevia to help with the tanginess. The kids love to add frozen blueberries or strawberries. You can also use yogurt to make homemade whey, sour cream, or cream cheese.

Oh so good!

In conclusion, there’s so much you can do with viili yogurt and it’s so good for you that living without homemade yogurt would be absolutely…crazy!


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