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9 Common Symptoms
Candida Can Cause Women

and what to do about them

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Are you a woman, battling candida overgrowth?

Candida overgrowth affects both both men and women, yet the majority are women. But having candida doesn’t just mean dealing with yeast infections and a white-coated tongue. 

Women around the world can experience a variety of symptoms every day that can be linked to candida overgrowth, yet the answer they’re commonly told is to simply stop eating sugar. 

  • Do you find yourself experiencing yeast infections, UTI’s, brain fog, anxiety and depression, PMS and menopause, skin and digestive issues, fatigue, and weight gain?
  • Do you wonder why these issues are a problem, and why they keep coming back?
  • Do you wish you knew how to ease the symptoms?

Based on feedback from personal clients and women who contact her about candida overgrowth, this ebook focuses on ways to ease some of the most common symptoms women can face when battling candida overgrowth.

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Wow! What a read!
After being told I had Candida, I was so unsure about what this new diagnosis meant. What food could I eat? What food must I stay away from? When do I need this supplement, and this probiotic?

I found myself becoming overwhelmed with contradictory information and was certain that I would be stuck feeling how I was whilst I tried out all the possible ideas. If I only I had this book at the start of my journey!

It is filled with information about what candida is, and what it means to have candida. Paula explains it in a way that makes you feel normal, and not sick with a 'disease'. Not only does the book state what candida is, but it also goes into the symptoms you may get. This part was very interesting for me, as I found myself ticking off each symptom I had, not realising that they all linked together through having Candida.

However, my favourite part of the book was where Paula writes about different problems/issues and symptoms that are caused by or worsened by having candida, and actually explains ways to help relieve the issues through suggesting supplements and herbs you can take.

It is so nice to feel like someone is on your team and wanting you to get better naturally, rather than going to a doctor and being told to go on another medication.

If you are really looking at wanting to understand Candida, why you may have it, and how you can do your part to help yourself feel better - then look no further than this book, as I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. The information, help, tips and support that this book provides is amazing, and I am so grateful to have a copy!

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Charissa M.
homemaker, mother of two


This book is straight forward, easy to read and understand, and answers how to deal with candida overgrowth. Whether you know you have it, or are wondering if you may have it, this is a very helpful read. 

Paula gives practical advice on how to ease the symptoms, and yet she still addresses what will need to be done to be rid of candida overgrowth at the root cause. This is an excellent resource for understanding and figuring out how to deal with unhealthy symptoms - whether they are from candida or an unknown cause!

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Kristy L.
missionary to Malawi

This is a thorough and informative book that focuses primarily on being healthy. 

Anyone looking for natural ways to deal with the symptoms often associated with candida MUST take a look. 

I am so often overwhelmed with the myriad of symptoms, but cookie cutter treatment. This book gives me reasonable ways to work on whichever symptom is worst at any given time or as they arise and change. It also allows for choices so that I can use those things that work best for me.

What's Inside?

60 pages of heart-to-heart with Paula as she shares her story, the wide array of suggestions for each symptom,
and the importance of addressing recurring candida overgrowth.

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Anne M.
homemaker, mother of four


Very well written, thought out and researched. I know I will be adding few more vitamins to my daily routine. 

I will be able to help my 11 yr. old daughter when she becomes a woman. 

Thank you, Paula.

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